Editor's letter

Annette Fernandes-Poyser, Executive Director of BBN

A little about Bees

Imagine an organisation of hundreds of individuals all working together in complete harmony, responding to changes in the market, adapting quickly and efficiently, and making complex decisions with speed and initiative on an individual and collective basis. Imagine all this without a single director, manager or even supervisor calling the shots; This is a honeybee colony.

Each bee has one small part of the available collective information; by using their initiative based on local knowledge and by communicating effectively with each other this creates an organic, flexible approach to problems of task allocation such as how many bees should be foraging for food and how many doing other jobs.

There are many lessons which aspiring businesses can take from bees, from flexibility and empowerment of individual workers to the excellent communication channels which keep the hive working as one and provide its unique identity.

A little about BBN

Although it might sound unworkable in the ‘real’ world of business, BBN shares many similar traits to our humble bumble bee colony.

The collaborative, but entrepreneurial nature of BBN partners, has over 30 years, developed smart and efficient ways to work together for the greater good of their clients, unlike any other global agency group.

When it comes to an organisation's brand, BBN's Navigator methodology provides emphasis on managing the brand as an organisation's most important asset and ensuring that any marketing communication fully supports and enhances that asset.

So in this issue of Buzz Magazine, we start by talking about making good strategic and rational decisions about your brand within the context of the business strategy. We then look at the importance of internal branding and what is required to take your brand to a global market. Finally, we look at how understanding data, research and people's behaviour can help us improve brand experience.

We would love to hear your opinion too. So please feel free to contact us and provide comment or feedback on any of the articles you read in this issue of Buzz.