The World Bee Community

BBN, a partnership of independent B2B marketing agencies, and  The World Bee Project, an organisation that designs, implements and raises funds for its bee and human life-saving initiatives around the world, are working together to launch the first World Bee Community.


amazing facts about bees and how they impact our lives


disadvantaged tribal women will gain sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families



Doing Business to Do Good

At BBN, we pride ourselves on creating unique and compelling solutions that connect brands in a more authentic, more human and meaningful way. As we reflect on the common challenges of creating bigger brand impact and better connections, we notice an underlying theme of GOOD emerging, along with a desire to do better, together.

The World Bee Project's initiatives to protect bees and other pollinators while improving people's livelihoods and communities are very inspiring. So much so, that BBN has decided to commit long term support to this important social purpose and the environment.

“Restoring biodiversity – the biological diversity of life on Earth – underpins all The World Bee Project programmes because biodiversity makes it possible for all life to survive on Earth. The bees and we and all living creatures depend on biodiversity for food, clean water, and a stable climate.” - Sabiha Malik, The World Bee Project


Become a World Bee Community member, learn more about bees, pollinators, the impact they have on our lives,

and what we can do to help them thrive

Families and individuals can support The World Bee Project via a small monthly donation. Membership is open to anyone who cares about protecting bees and other pollinators to ensure that biodiversity on earth continues to flourish for our future generations.


Bees contribute to complex, interconnected ecosystems that allow a diverse number of different species to co-exist.


There are 20,000 species of bees in the world. Bees preserve ecological balance and biodiversity that humans & animals rely on for their well-being.

Food supply

Bees pollinate billions of plants so, without them, many plants we rely on for food would die off and our plates would be empty.

Wildlife habitats

Pollinators are vital in the growth of wildlife habitats. If they disappeared, the animals that depend on these habitats would vanish as well.

Harnessing the power of bee-derived intelligence and a data-based approach, The World Bee Project links bee and biodiversity and ecosystem health with beekeeper and smallholder farmer livelihoods. It designs programmes and adaptively implements projects in partnership with local communities to provide measurable benefits for pollinators, people, and the planet. Its programmes focus on the interconnections between bees and people in the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.